So how is your sex life? Is it keeping you happy and satisfied? If you are yearning for the times when you had a great sexual life and your libido was in mood, you are not the only one. There are a lot of men who feel that their sexual health is declining. Have you wondered that when you hit the middle age, you sexual life gets a little boring?

Why focus on sexual side?

You need to remember the fact that sex and sexual drive are integral parts of your everyday life and are very essential. Also, sexual performance plays a very important role including reduction of stress, making you look more youthful, better energy and stamina etc. Sexual performance for men is actually defined as the capability to achieve as well as maintain erection and produce fertile semen.

A lot of men are seen passing the blame to their partners because they are not sure themselves as to what is happening to their body and why are they not able to have sexual drive as they used to when they were young. They pass the blame by saying that he or she is not attractive any longer and the blame game goes on. But if you be honest, the problem is that you are not producing enough hormones in your body and that controls your sexual drive to a great extent.

HGH for Men's Sexual Problems

Is HGH useful for sexual performance?

HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland and performs many functions in the body. Growth hormone helps to develop lean muscle mass, decreases fat from the body, improves memory, reduces fatigue, improves sleep and offers many other benefits. One of the benefits is also to increase libido and this leads to better sex life.

It is important to note that our sexual performance is affected by blood flow. As we advance in age, our heart pumps at a slower rate and in smaller volume. Even the sexual organs rely on oxygen delivery all through the body. With reduced flow of oxygen, our sexual desire gets greatly affected. However there is one thing that you should know as it has a great impact on your sexual drive and that is HGH.

Sexual function and drive tend to decrease as you age. Sexual performance peaks during the puberty phase and reduces with age. There is indeed a direct relation between HGH and sexual drive. Though this interpretation is not true for all, DR. Kultz said once that people with HGH deficiency because of pituitary trauma or disease have reduced sexual drive and libido. Also, treatment of such people with HGH treatment has shown enhanced sexual desire.

Let’s check how HGH stimulates your sexual health?

  1. HGH increases the nitrogen retention and promotes lean muscle mass that in turn benefits structural health of the sexual body parts.
  2. HGH works on the cells to improve sexual ability and drive. It also promotes sexuality through improving the efficiency and rate of overall protein synthesis.
  3. Further, HGH improves overall quality of life and sexual function through improving the blood flow. Increased blood circulation means proper flow of blood to the penis, resulting in harder, longer and stronger erections. It even increases the blood flow to clitoris, meaning that even the women experience increased physical sensitivity to sexual arousals.
  4. HGH enhances healthy production of the sexual hormones. It even encourages ovaries and testes to provide youthful and healthy testosterone and estrogen concentrations. Both the hormones are tied to libido and sexual performance.
  5. HGH impacts nervous system that has the benefit of enhancing nerve sensitivity. This then boosts pleasure linked with sexual functioning.
  6. Human growth hormone also offers other benefits linked with sexual drive and function. As your body feels young, it makes you prone to sexual desire and drive. HGH therapy can help you to have more sex thus shortening refractory span linked with male orgasm. And improved vitality thus brings you back to the time when you used to enjoy your sexual peak.

How HGH Increases Sexual Drive?

HGH is produced in pituitary gland and when we reach the middle age, our body starts producing less of growth hormone. And this then leads to reduced sexual drive and sexual performance. For a lot of men, sexual drive drop gradually and so by the time they reach 60-65 years of age, about 75 percent of men lose their sexual drive. Also, sexual function declines after menopause in case of women. HGH is indeed known to increase sexual drive and functions as it enhances energy level, mental concentration and also improves quality and pattern of sleep. All such factors and several others help to create overall wellbeing and health along with enhancing your youthful vigor and confidence.

HGH helps a great deal when it comes to keeping cells strong and active including the heart cells. HGH helps to improve the pumping of the heart which in turn improves overall vitality and strength. This further enhances blood pumping throughout the body and improves functioning of the sexual organs in men and women both. For the men, it simply means that they can stay aroused for longer period of time and for the women, it means reduction in vaginal dryness while involved in sexual intercourse.HGH for Sexual Health Problems

This is one of the ways how HGH helps with having better and stronger sexual performance. HGH also plays a very important role in regeneration of tissues and cells and muscle development. This then results in better physical performance and sex. With due levels of growth hormone in the body, even the stamina gets increased and that is what will help the most in leading a good sex life. Clinical research says that HGH boosts sexual drive and increases libido.

A reputed study done by Daniel Rudman was published in New England Journal of Medicine in 1990s reported that using HGH injections in case of elderly men i.e. from the age group of 65 to 81 can provide enhanced sexual performance and drive. This study was carried out for a span of 6 months on 25 people.

Another report i.e. the Nottingham Health Profile Report also called as Palm Springs Study stated out potential advantages of HGH in improving sexual performance and function. This study was done on a large group with 302 participants. Although the study was not focusing mainly on evaluating benefits of HGH on sexual functioning, the findings were amazing. The study revealed improvement in sexual functioning and frequency, increase in duration of erection, decrease in hot flashes in females with menopause and regulated menstrual cycle as well.

Effects of HGH on sexual function and health

·        83 percent people enjoyed improved sexual satisfaction as a direct result of HGH injection therapy

·        78 percent people enjoyed faster erections

·        67 percent patients said that they experienced more sensitivity to sexual function

·        72 percent people experienced that there was an improvement in libido and sexual desire

  • 58 percent pre menopausal females experienced less hot flashes and reduced frequency of bathroom goings
  • 62 percent people faced better erections and that also lasted for long

For the people facing low HGH level, benefits of HGH therapy are clear. One of the things to remember about HGH and other hormones is that the chemicals are main messengers that control the functions of the whole body.

More to HGH

Sexual ability is largely linked with our overall sexual and physical confidence as well and so problems related to sexual dysfunction and less sex drive can eviscerate the sexual health. Embarrassment that comes with sexual dysfunction can force a person to keep his sexual problems a sure shot secret, suppressing his desires and fancies. It is rightly said that passion for life is actually magnified at sexual level but HGH deficiency reduces the quality of life at all levels- be it sexual, genetic, physical, psychological or physiological.

And so if your libido warns you due to deficiency of growth hormone, just think of the ways that hormonal imbalance degrades your overall wellbeing and health.

HGH Supplements

Never confuse HGH injections with supplements. Injections need a prescription from the doctor and as it is actual injection with HGH in it, it surely comes with some side effects. On the other hand, the HGH supplements don’t need any sort of prescription and have no or minimal risks. Supplements are made from natural substances and ingredients that help our body to increase the own production of HGH. Only the people with serious HGH deficiency need injections, rest of us can easily rely on the supplements available with natural ingredients in them.

Further, these supplements can be bought online. It is crucial that you do careful research to ensure that you purchase the best HGH supplement for your health. If you have been longing for great sex life, if you have wanted that you could get back your sex drive that you used to have, then combine HGH supplements with healthy lifestyle.